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Welcome to the autumn issue of the EP newsletter!

It has been a busy summer with a wealth of new physics results presented at international conferences...

The ALICE ITS upgrade: Pixels for quarks

by Panos Charitos

A 10-gigapixel camera for precision measurement of charm and beauty in Pb-Pb collisions

LHCf sheds light on hadronic interaction models

by L. Bonechi (INFN Florence) and H. Menjo (Nagoya University)

The LHCf experiments prepares for measurements during LHC Run 3 that will shade light on the physics of hadronic interactions of Cosmic Rays with atmosphere and improve current models.

COMPASS results guiding future exploration of hadron structure in CERN’s North Area.

by Oleg Denisov (INFN), Wolf-Dieter Nowak (DESY), Fulvio Tessarotto (INFN) on behalf of the COMPASS collaboration

COMPASS Collaboration has published a wealth of new results over the past four years elucidating the nucleon’s internal structure and paving the way for future measurements.

Atomic Experiments for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration

by Albert de Roeck (CERN), Panos Charitos (CERN)

During a two-day workshop at CERN, the cold atom community met with particle physicists and gravitational-wave experts to review ground and space applications.

NA62 experiment presents new results

by Cristina Lazzeroni (NA62 Spokesperson, University of Birmingham)

NA62 experiment presents the latest result on the search for the ultra-rare kaon decay to a pion and a neutrino–antineutrino pair with 2017 data.

ATLAS and CMS collaborations presented over summer their latest results from Higgs boson decays to second generation fermions with LHC's Run 2 data.

ATLAS NSW Upgrade: preparing installation and commission of its first sector

by Panos Charitos (CERN), Members of the ATLAS NSW upgrade team

A report about the New Small Wheel (NSW) Upgrade, one of the most complex and challenging Phase-1 Upgrade project of the ATLAS detector.

Nuclear Physics Meets Neutrinos

by Laura Fields (Fermilab)

NA61/SHINE has executed a program of measurements aimed at improving neutrino flux predictions in Fermilab’s neutrino beams

An interview with Nobel Laureate Adam Riess

by Panos Charitos

In discussion with Nobel Laureate Adam Riess about the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe; one of the most dramatic moments in the physics of the 21st century. 

Discussing synergies between particle physics, astrophysics and nuclear physics

by Caterina Doglioni (Lund University)

One overarching objective of science is to further our understanding of the universe, from its early stages to its current state and future evolution. This endeavor calls for combined expertise from the fields of astroparticle physics, particle physics and nuclear physics which was one of the topics discussed during a special session of the EPPSU. 

Established in 1962 this year's CERN summer student programme brought together about 300 students for an incredible summer of learning and discovery.


BabyMIND records first muon tracks

by Etam Noah

The Baby MIND muon spectrometer has started recording its first muon tracks from neutrino interactions at J-PARC since 10th March

Machine learning for new Detector Technologies

by Sandro Marchioro (CERN, ESE group)

Reflecting on the boundaries between the analog and digital world and how new machine-learning techniques could affect the design of detectors for future experiments. 

News about the lepton universality anomalies in B decays

by Patrick Koppenburgh (NIKHEF)

Several measurements from different experiments hint at a possible violation of lepton universality, yet more data hold the key to a conclusive answer.