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From January 2014, the Education Group has moved from the PH Department to the Stakeholder Relations Office that will manage and sustain CERN's relationship with key audiences

Antimatter Event with Rolf Landua: Everything you wanted to ask.

by Julia Gonski and Cristina Martin Perez

 Following an event organized by LeClub Association on 21st of July at CERN, aiming to clarify the truth and false of antimatter and its production, summer students met and discussed with Rolf Landua...

Let's talk science: Hangout with CERN

by Achintya Rao

CERN has been a leader in science outreach for years and has launched a new program on social media called Hangout with CERN. Perhaps one of the most creative new tools for interactive, global public science outreach. Learn more and join us in one of the next hangouts!

A new iOS Application that brings CERN news and information on your iPad or iPhone has been developed following a joint effort between the SFT and EDU groups.

Engage in a playful way with the physics done at CERN.

LHC interactive tunnel.

by Joao Antunes Pequenao, Panos Charitos

The LHC time tunnel, built especially for the book fair, takes people into the world of sub-atomic particles by using state-of-the-art motion sensors and projectors to visualise the effect of the Higgs field and protons moving inside the Large Hadron Collider.