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Detector technologies

Face-Shield Production in EP-DT

by Burkhard Schmidt

One of the CERN Against COVID-19 initiatives, in the production of face-shields, was kicked-off by a handful of members of the EP-DT group, quickly attracting contributions from other groups as well as generating a cascade of parallel projects. 


Progress in fundamental physics calls for pushing the current state-of-the-art for detectors, and developing new technologies that would boost the efficiency while reducing the cost and the environmental impact of future experiments. For future experiment to continue playing their important role in scientific inquiry a solid programme on developing detector technologies is needed.

Advanced deep neural networks can have multiple applications in the design of high-granularity calorimeters for future experiments while some of the offered solutions can find applications beyond particle physics. 

Upgrade of the EP Irradiation Facilities: The Gamma Irradiation Facility GIF++

by Martin R. Jäkel and Federico Ravotti (EP-DT-DD)

During LS2, the time without particle beams is used to significantly upgrade the two CERN Irradiation facilities run by EP-DT, namely IRRAD and GIF++

A new home for GEM detectors at CERN

by Rui De Oliveira (CERN)

A new building at CERN is ready to house ongoing R&D activities that will push the performance of detectors to cope with the high performance of the LHC.

The workshop on medical applications of spectroscopic X-ray detectors (specXray) brings together specialists in the field from physics, medical research and industry meet to exchange experience and knowledge. 

DT group: A year in review

by Panos Charitos

EP-DT's Annual Report summarizes its yearly activities and offers an overview of major achievements and future collaborative plans.


Investing in detector technologies

by Panagiotis Charitos

ECFA's detector panel report maps the landascape of R&D activities in detector technologies and highlights the importance of training the next generation of experts.

A bright year for the EP-DT irradiation facilities

by by Federico Ravotti and Martin R. Jaekel (EP-DT)

A remarkably successful first run for the EP-DT irradiation facilities that are now getting ready for LHC Run 3.

Setting a roadmap for future detector technologies

by Panos Charitos (CERN)

To meet the experimental challenges posed by design studies for future colliders, CERN’s EP department is preparing to launch a rigorous R&D programme.