CERN Accelerating science


A discussion with Flavio Cavanna (Fermilab) on the dedicated global R&D efforts and the extraordinary results from the Proto-DUNE at CERN's Neutrino Platform that pave the way for future discoveries with DUNE.


DUNE collaboration meeting at CERN

by Albert De Roeck

On 23-26 January this year about 250 members of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) collaboration met at CERN to discuss the status and plans. 

EP department announces new neutrino group

by Panos Charitos

To meet the challenges of the neutrino programme at CERN, the EP department recently announced the establishment of a neutrino group in the department. The group will act as a focal point for the activities of the accelerator-based experimental neutrino community in Europe and world-wide.