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Seminars & Colloquia

Prof. Günther Dissertori, Prof. Michelangelo Mangano and Dr Lucie Linssen will explore "Past, present future: LHC and future possibilities" in a public event that will take place in the Globe of Science and Innovation...


Prof. Lyn Evans, Dr Daniel Treille and Prof. Peter Jenni will explore the "The Long Road to the LHC" in a public event that will take place in the Globe of Science and Innovation...


TEDxCERN is back!

by Stephanie Hills

TEDxCERN's 2014 main theme is "Forward: Charting the Future with Science" and aims to provide a unique stage to demonstrate that science is essential to shaping the landscape that our future generations will have to navigate.

The SESAME project

by Eliezer Rabinovici

The SESAME project is a unique regional scientific project; a call for an international centre for research and advanced technology the will be centered around a high quality light source in Jordan.In 2012 the project received a serious set of boosts presented in a recent CERN Colloquium.

Neutrino properties from cosmology

by Licia Verde

Licia Verde discusses how our cosmological observations can be used for constraining interesting physical quantities and neutrino properties are a particularly hot avenue to pursue.

An empirical study of knowledge production at the LHC

A philosophical experiment

by Arianna Borrelli

How is new knowledge produced in the natural sciences? This question has long been an issue of central relevance for philosophers, historians and sociologists of science, who have fiercely debated whether and how the emergence of new scientific knowledge can be described as following regular patterns, for example as far as the interplay of theory and experiment is concerned.