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TOTEM experiment

In the previous issue of the PH Newsletter, we introduced the Run Coordinators of CMS, LHCf, and ALICE. This time, we will get to know the Run Coordinators of ATLAS, TOTEM, and LHCb, who talk about their work and the challenges that they have to face.

TOTEM Setting Out towards New Discovery Horizons

by V. Avati, J. Baechler, M. Deile and S. Giani for the TOTEM experiment

TOTEM is looking back on a busy year marked on one hand by Run-1 data analysis and on the other hand by a major consolidation and upgrade of its Roman Pot system.

TOTEM: Moving Forward Through Consolidation and Upgrade

by Joachim Baechler on behalf of the TOTEM Collaboration

TOTEM profits from the LS1 to start strengthening its very-forward Roman Pot (RP) detector system, creating a leading-proton spectrometer with unprecedented performance and the flexibility to operate in a vast range of different beam conditions.