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TH Institute on "Neutral Naturalness"

The TH Institute on "Neutral Naturalness", focussing on theories which aim to address the hierarchy problem and feature color-neutral top partner fields was held at CERN/TH from 23 to 26 April 2015. 

The systematic study of "neutral naturalness": natural theories with SM-neutral states that are as yet untested by the LHC presents one of the most interesting challenges for theorists working in HEP. 

The institute attracted more than 50 participants. Following a number of talks each of the three days, participants had the chance to meet and engage in stimulating discussions that has been one of the main aims of this workshop.

Model building aspects as well as LHC and future collider phenomenology were covered during the workshop .

All in all it was a well attended workshop and all the participants are looking forward to the follow up of this meeting. 


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