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Dear Colleagues, dear Members of the EP Department and CERN Users,

It is a pleasure to introduce this edition of the EP newsletter. Once again the newsletter contains many articles covering the broad spectrum of activities in our department.

The GEMs of CMS

by Archana Sharma (Project Manager CMS Muon GEM Upgrade, CERN)

CMS experiment plans to upgrade its muon system during LS2 using Gas Electron Multiplies (GEM) technology.

A new home for GEM detectors at CERN

by Rui De Oliveira (CERN)

A new building at CERN is ready to house ongoing R&D activities that will push the performance of detectors to cope with the high performance of the LHC.

HIE-ISOLDE: a unique window into the nucleus

by Karl Johnston (CERN)

With the recent completion of the second phase of HIE-ISOLDE, CERN’s ISOLDE facility has a machine capable of answering long-unanswered questions about the nature of the nucleus.

DT group: A year in review

by Panos Charitos

EP-DT's Annual Report summarizes its yearly activities and offers an overview of major achievements and future collaborative plans.


FASER joins the exploration for new physics

by Jamie Boyd (CERN)

On March 5th the CERN Research Board approved the ForwArd Search ExpeRiment (FASER) designed to broaden the search for new physics at the LHC.

 A new generation of neutrino experiments, leveraging high-intensity neutrino beams for precision measurements, could complement high-energy searches for new physics.

Three of the proposals submitted to the Physics Beyond Collider initiative plan to use the external SPS M2 beam line in the experimental hall EHN2.

A discussion with Shep S. Doeleman about the steps that led to the first image of a black hole and the future plans of the Event Horizon Telescope.

Studying the Higgs at future colliders

by Panos Charitos

The study of the Higgs boson and how it couples with the known particles of the Standard Model sets a clear, albeit ambitious, challenge for the experimental programme for post-LHC colliders.


The Higgs boson as a probe for new physics

by Toyoko Orimoto (Northeastern University)

Persistent tensions in the Standard Model of particle physics compel us to seek out new physics at the TeV scale, and the Higgs boson provides us with a potential portal.

Silicon photonics for high-energy physics experiments

by Andrea Kraxner (CERN), Jan Troska (CERN)

Silicon Photonics seems to be a quite promising candidate for use in optical links in future HEP experiments.


Exploring dark sector with NA64: First results from the combined analysis of 2016-2018 runs

by Sergei Gninenko (INR Moscow ), Paolo Crivelli (ETH Zurich)

A report from NA64 on searches of dark sector particles in the sub-GeV domain. 

ENUBET: a beam for the precision era of neutrino physics

by Francesco Terranova (INFN)

ENUBET aims to open a new window of opportunities in accelerator neutrino physics. 

The workshop on medical applications of spectroscopic X-ray detectors (specXray) brings together specialists in the field from physics, medical research and industry meet to exchange experience and knowledge. 

CernVM 2019 Workshop

by Jakob Blomer (CERN)

From 3 to 5 June, the 2019 CernVM Workshop took place at CERN bringing together software developers, computing experts and experts from the IT industry.