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CERN Accelerating science

Theory unit

Interview with John Ellis

by P. Charitos

Summer students talk to theorist John Ellis about physics, philosophy, and 'Eureka' moments.

A workshop that aims to explore the implications of the first cosmological data release from Planck and ignite scientific exchanges in the light of these results.

 Luis Álvarez-Gaumé and John Ellis discussed the history of the Higgs mechanism

Julien Lesgourgues and Jan Hamann, members of the Planck collaboration and Leonardo Senatore, a very active researcher in theoretical cosmology share their thoughts on the Planck released data and their implications. 

Planck mission releases first cosmology results

by Panos Charitos

ESA's Planck satellite has been surveying the microwave and submillimetre sky since August 2009. After 15.5 months of continuous observation, the collaboration recently published the first cosmological results of this mission.

Creative Collisions at CERN TH

by Ariane Koek , Panos Charitos

Subodh Patil, a European Marie Curie Fellow, who is attached to the CERN Theory group will be Bill Fontana's inspiration partner during his residency at CERN.

Q&A: Krishna Rajagopal

by Panos Charitos

An Interview with Krishna Rajagopal, Professor and Associate Head for Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics.

The recent TH-institute organized by the Theory Group focused on recent developments in theoretical aspects of black holes, in particular on understanding the fate of the classical horizon at the quantum level.

TH Winter School 2013

by Panos Charitos

The 2013 edition of the winter school on "Supergravity, String and Gauge Theory" was organized by the Theory Group from 4-8 February at CERN.