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CERN Accelerating science

Theory unit

First public release of the Virtual Atom Smasher

by Panos Charitos

In May 2015, the first public release was made of Virtual Atom Smasher, an educational game platform that was developed by a partnership between CERN and Citizen Cyberlab.

Last month, the High Energy and Particle Physics division of the European Physical Society announced the 2015 prizes for outstanding contributions in the field of high energy physics.

April 28th would have marked the 92nd birthday of Bruno Zumino, who died last year. The Theory Group organized a meeting around this date to honour his memory and to discuss his legacy.

The TH Institute on "Neutral Naturalness", focussing on theories which aim to address the hierarchy problem and feature color-neutral top partner fields was held by CERN's Theory Division from 23 to 26 April 2015. 

New website for TH division

by Gavin Salam (with input from Wolfgang Lerche and Elena Gianolio)

TH Unit launches a new website following a year of consultation, design and programming. 

CERN 60 Public Computing Challenge: Completed

by Panos Charitos

 A new web-based volunteer computing platform  was launched in the framework of CERN’s 60th anniversary, allowing volunteers to simulate events from the experiments 

Interview with Savas Dimopoulos

by Panos Charitos

Professor Dimopoulos is searching for answers to some of the most profound mysteries of nature. In this interview we discuss the recent findings of the LHC and his expectations about future HEP experiments, the quest for "truth" that seems to inform our scientific endeavours, as well as the relation between science and art. I would like to personally thank Prof. Dimopoulos for kindly accepting my request for an interview. I hope that you will enjoy reading Prof. Dimopoulos’ interesting - and often intriguing - thoughts.

The 2015 CERN Winter School on Supergravity, Strings, and Gauge Theory took place, from Monday, February 2 to Friday, February 6, at CERN. 

ERC rewards CERN researchers

by Rosaria Marraffino

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded starting grants to Magdalena Kowalska, a member of the ISOLDE physics team, and Claude Duhr, CERN Theory Division. The funding will enable them to build their own research teams at CERN, engaging postdocs and PhD students.

TH group looks forward to 2015

by Wolfgang Lerche

The members of the TH group look forward to 2015, a very interesting year for theorists, as the new run of the LHC will allow higher precision measurements and potentially find first hints about physics beyond the Standard Model.